Project Management

Certified & Insured


aerial survey

Our aerial surveying service is best utilized for large areas of land which would otherwise be impossible to be captured by traditional means. The key benefits of an aerial survey is the time saved, great insight and in many cases reduced costs. In fact most of our projects are able to be captured in a single flyover with little to no disruption to operations, or the general public. Our aerial surveys can assist in project management, land surveying, land use planning, solar projects and much more. 

aerial photography & film

Drone-based aerial photography for real estate brokers is not only booming, but is becoming nearly mandatory for large properties. Potential buyers from another city, state or even a distant country can take a virtual tour of the entire property, landscape and see the picturesque rural layout of the area with just a click of the mouse. All of our trusted pilots are certified and insured. 

aerial construction progression

We use UAV to survey land for new new construction, solar projects and property damage for insurance purposes, all to make data collection as simple as it can be. You as the owner, can focus your energy putting our data collected to use, rather than spending countless hours figuring out how to acquire it. Our pre-programmed flights provide real time data and maximize efficiency.