Areas of Practice.


Creative Advertising

Video Advertising is one of the best ways to communicate with your online audience. Using creative camera-work and modern technology, our creative directors produce compelling masterpieces to help our clients educate the market.



Real Estate

We provide the online audience simple methods to be educated and learn about a new property in a matter of seconds. We handle all project needs, from inception to completion. Designing the property website, to crafting newsletters and brochures, to capturing photo and video, we provide the full marketing package for any new real estate development. 




We use UAV to survey land for new construction, solar projects and property damage for insurance purposes, all to make data collection as simple as it can be. You as the owner, can focus your energy putting our data collected to use, rather than spending countless hours figuring out how to acquire it. Our pre-programmed flights provide real time data and maximize efficiency.  All of our trusted pilots are certified and insured. 



Golf Industry

We have partnered with ownership and management of clubs across the country to create incredible content using our drone technology. Our creative team creates golf course Virtual Tours to increase membership interest. We also survey golf courses to assist in the maintenance and planning of courses to a championship level. Virtual Tours can also assist with retention of memberships by assisting existing members to improve their game by understanding the golf course better.